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This website was created to bring effective, cost effective non-surgical solutions to people with foot problems. It is my sincere opinion that healthcare information belongs to the people who have created it, us. The solution is to disrupt the system. The way to do this is to bring the information directly to the ones most interested in it –YOU! If you need advice about your foot pain, if you haven’t gotten comprehensive approach about your foot pain from your doctor, we can help. On these pages are step-by-step guides to the helping the most common foot problems. It is a work in progress, I’ll grant you that. There are specific recommendations for braces, inserts, exercises, shoes, pads and medications. If you don’t find what you want, drop me an email ( It’s free! What do we ask in return, tell us your story (and if you’d like, subscribe to our newsletter!). What has worked for you, what hasn’t worked. Join our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest changes and news in the science of foot care.

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Our Story is a movement to bring reliable, free information regarding foot problems to the public. Based on the principle that most common foot problems do not require and will not benefit from surgery. However, effective treatment of most foot problems requires persistent changes in our activity and the way that we use our feet. The secret is not medicine, although there are instances where medicine is useful; it’s not a new insert or brace, these things also have their place; it’s certainly not surgery except in unusual circumstances. It’s natural exercise, using our feet the way that they were meant to be used. The problem is that we have been taken out of the environment in which our feet evolved and now we spend the majority of our time in restrictive “supportive” shoes, doing a fraction of the activity that our ancestors did. While inserts often make painful feet feel better (for a while), they actually protect our feet from the stimulation that keeps them strong. The activity that we are protecting our feet from actually strengthens the small muscles in the feet that protect the ligaments that control the joint motion. Weaken this natural shock absorber and you get all of the ligament disorders that are increasingly common in modern society, plantar fasciitis (the most common type of heel pain), hammertoe deformities, and arch collapse/acquired flat foot deformity.

The key to foot health is simple. Develop the muscles that fail to develop in modern shoe wear. Increase your daily activity. Keep your weight at a reasonable level.

My exploration of this concept began with my book, The Wholefoot Book (Demos Medical Publishing), in 2012. This website is an attempt to go beyond and to update the treatment that I started in this book. My hope is that you find it useful. I look forward to answering your questions, which I am always happy to answer (but see our disclaimer), getting your comments and suggestions, and ask you to subscribe to our FREE monthly newsletter to get other tips and recommendations for taking care of your feet. I am always interested in hearing what is worked and what hasn’t worked for you ( so that I can share this with my readers and patients.