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Interview of Brett Fink on KBIZ with host Mike Buchanan on January 30, 2012 At 9:40 AM Central standard Time.

Mike Buchanan: Thank you very much. And good morning everyone. Well you know most people take a tremendous fuss in their overall health. That’s why orthopedic surgeon, Brett Fink, has written a book about the importance of maintaining proper foot care. The foot is an amazing complex organ that provides a variety of activities during a person’s lifetime. Dr. Fink will reveal the foot problems that are often misunderstood by the very physicians that we turn to for help.

Engineers, Scientists, and Zealots: Who is giving you medical advice?

Let’s assume that because you have come to this website that you are interested in foot problems.  Maybe you have foot pain yourself or maybe you are looking for information for someone else.  You must realize that different sources will vary in their portrayal of medical topics.  It is up to you to use your own intelligence to decide whether the things that these sources say ring true to you.