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This site outlines a philosophy and thoughts regarding the treatment of common medical problems. This information is for educational purposes only. For further clarification, please see our disclaimer. Before beginning any exercise or rehabilitative program, you should always check with your doctor to ensure that it is right for you. While I am a doctor, unless I physically examine and evaluate you, I cannot be your doctor. It is my sincere belief that any persistent or severe medical problem should be examined and evaluated by a medical professional. The information in this site is broken into sections and can be referenced by body area or diagnosis.

Hi, I’m Brett Fink. I’m the founder and creator of WholeFoot.com. I am a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle problems. I currently practice in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like most doctors, I see my patients regularly. For some problems such as accidents and fractures, the treatment is simple and easy to direct in the limited time that my patients and myself have together. Other times, the problems stem from poor lifestyle choices and poor conditioning. These people seem to me to need more of a “coach” than a doctor. Our appointment time is not adequate for this. Physical therapist often fill this need, but therapy can be expensive indefinitely.  My first attempt at addressing this was to write a book, The Wholefoot Book (Demos Medical Publishing), in 2011. This website is an attempt to go beyond that and to update the treatment that I started in this book and to make much of the information readily available to everyone. My hope is that you find it useful. I look forward to answering your questions, which I am always happy to answer (but see our disclaimer), getting your comments and suggestions, and ask you to subscribe to our FREE monthly newsletter to get other tips and recommendations for taking care of your feet. I am always interested in hearing what is worked and what hasn’t worked for you so that I can share this with my readers and patients.  Please use a nickname which does not make identifying you easy.

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