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Fall Proofing Your House
September 18, 2011

  • Install hand rails near door and stairways
  • Pick up or remove clutter 
  • Remove loose rugs from floor. Use rugs with nonskid backing if you cannot avoid using rugs. 
  • Keep cordless phones within reach in case of fall.
  • Replace slippery linoleum and tile floors with high friction surfaces.
  • Vary colors and textures on floors to accentuate changes in floor level 
  • Arrange furniture to provide open pathways .
  • Keep electrical and telephone cords away from pathways.
  • Ensure adequate lighting in areas with uneven floors or steps.
  • Avoid flimsy furniture, glass tabletops and sharp corners on furniture. 
  • Clean up wet and greasy surfaces.
  • Install grab bars around tubs and toilets.
  • Place nonskid in tubs and showers .
  • Discipline pets to stop jumping on people 
  • Remind children to pick up toys. 
  • Install sturdy handrails and guardrails around porches. 
  • Fix broken and unlevel walkways. 
  • Get out and walk regularly.  This has been shown to decrease falls in people prone to them. 
  • Use a walker if you have fallen more than twice in the last three months. 
  • Take Tai chi, pilates, or other aerobic or strengthening exercises or exercise classes.