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How does a Hammertoe form?

Important Points
· Many things can cause pain in the forefoot.
· Swelling around the joints near the ball of the foot often indicates that a ligament on the bottom of the foot is deteriorating.
· The deterioration and tearing of this ligament can signal the development of a hammertoe, the most common deformity of the lesser toes.

Steps to Take in Managing Metatarsalgia

I recently published an article on forefoot pain or metatarsalgia in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine. If you have forefoot pain (pain in the ball of the foot behind the small toes) or are a physician that treats forefoot pain, you may find it interesting. Brett Fink, MD, Indiana Orthopedic Center, Indianapolis, IN, (317) 588-2663, co-author of The Whole Foot Book, A Complete Program for Taking Care of Your Feet.