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How Much Placebo Should You Get For Your Money?

This article discusses: The influence of the “placebo effect” on medicine as it is practiced. The positive impact that it has on clinical results The need for doctors to be fair when charging people for placebo treatments.   One thing that I have always struggled with is “placebo medicine”. Believe it or not, there is […]

Doctors get foot pain too

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The Three Stages of Healing Foot Injuries

Take home points: All body tissue follows a predictable sequence of healing whether that tissue is bone, tendon, or ligament.  Understanding this pattern can help us to devise intelligent and rational methods of approaching these injuries.  This pattern is easy to understand even for someone without a medical background.  It is also important to understand that in long-standing injuries that all of these stages may be occurring in different areas of the injury.

Phantom Limb Pain

Due to diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and trauma, the tragedy of limb amputation unfortunately continues to occur too frequently.  The fact that complications are common after amputation only adds to the despair and emotional stress of the procedure.  Phantom limb sensations are nearly universal after amputation.  In its most innocuous form, the person with the amputation is merely aware that the limb is still there and at times can even sense movement of the limb.  In approximately 50% of lower limb amputations, this sensation is painful sometimes terribly so.