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High heels and Ankle Sprains.

Scientific News in Foot Pain (Part Seven):
The Influence of Heel Height on Frontal Plane Ankle Biomechanics: Implications for Lateral Ankle Sprains
The mechanical attributes of your shoes affect the way that you walk. The stiffness, the construction, and the position that your foot is held in within the shoe dictates the amount of motion that is required of your joints, the amount of work that each of your tendons have to do, and the amount of strain of the ligaments that help support your joints.

The Right shoes for children

As children gear up for another summer, moms and dads will be looking towards new shoe purchases for school in the fall. The shopping cart will undoubtedly contain new shoes, shoes for gym and athletics and shoes for class. The “right” shoes should be purchased, but what is the “right” shoe? Price is certainly a consideration, but what else? Is an expensive shoe always the “right” shoe?