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Blood Clots (Part II, Prevention and Treatment)

Important Points

  • In many high risk surgeries, medication or other means should be employed to prevent venous thromboembolism or blood clots.
  • In foot and ankle procedures, the incidence of blood clots is very low and from the limited information that we have, it is more difficult to identify people that are at risk for these problems.

Blood Clots (Part I, What are they??)

Important Points
· Thromboembolism is clotting within the venous circulation and is different than bruising or hematoma formation in which the blood clots outside of the blood vessels.
· Thromboembolism can lead to vein damage, which sometimes results in chronic leg swelling, discoloration, and skin fragility.
· Thromboembolism can be dangerous if large fragments of the clots circulate to the lungs where they can block blood flow to the lungs.